I am a graphic designer.
I create striking designs - from invitations and catalogues to large-format prints and visual identities. Shapes, colours, composition and typography make me happy. My technical skills and attention to detail guarantee project efficiency and a unique result.

I am an illustrator.
I love characters and expressions. I love cute. And maybe not so cute.
I understand the importance of bringing ideas to life and making them accessible.

I am a surface designer.
For 5 years, I worked as a surface designer at Søstrene Grene, covering interior design, stationery, toys and accessories. With flowers, stripes, dots and abstracts, I made surface designs for all the seasons around the year.

I am an artist.
To dive into my own world of characters and build them up from small paper pieces is quite magical. The process is slow and analog, which can be pleasing every now and then.

I am a human.
I am also quite likeable and nice to work with. My clients tend to stay on for many years, and relations are built. I was born in Sweden, lived for several years in Denmark, and now live in Switzerland.

My clients over the years:
Søstrene Grene, Almedahls, Sandstens Tryckeri, Coloplast, Parador, ASKO and many more. 
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